How CIOs Can Break Through
the Communication Chaos
to Reach Students in 2018

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The iPhone was released more than ten years ago.  After a decade of constant connectivity, college students have competing interests for their attention, making it nearly impossible to break through the communication chaos to reach them.

In less than one year in his role at Citrus College, Chief Information Services Officer Bob Hughes, reimagined the digital communication landscape. From website redesign to the launch of My.CitrusCollege.edu, Bob and his team led focus groups to get to the root of what catches, and keeps, student’s attention.

Join Bob Hughes on Tuesday, February 27 at 1 p.m. PST to learn what was uncovered in their research and the plan they executed to reach students where they are, on their devices.

Participants will leave the webinar with a greater understanding of:

  • The value and response of student focus groups
  • The impact marketing activities have on promoting technology
  • How to work in coordination with your campus Communication organization
  • Ways to remain “trending” with students

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Bob Hughes

Tami Nealy

Vice President of Marketing


Bob Hughes


Citrus College


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